Should you unfollow me?


If the content I’ve been posting isn’t something you feel like consuming, go ahead and unfollow.

Our paths are likely to meet again at some point 🤞

Should you mute me?

I’d rather you don’t 😅

Feel free to unfollow. Muting closes doors to the possibility of any interaction in future.

Should you follow me?

Give it a shot. Nothing to lose. You can always unfollow 😉

What won’t I post?

Starting quite recently, I refrain from tweeting about politics, religion, or whatever the headlines are saying in any given news cycle.

Twitter has a variety of channels for consuming information pertaining to current affairs - me not retweeting about the numerous social injustices doesn’t mean the information won’t reach the people who need it.

What will I post?

I’m a digital nomad who tends to stumble upon shiny things in the interwebs and is likely to hoard them. I mostly post about such stuff.

Some other topics I tweet about - software development, productivity, mental health, human behaviour, organizational psychology.

Needless to say I do log a lot of my thoughts & life events on twitter. The frequency usually depends on how busy I’ve been at a given point in time.

Why don’t I follow you?

Most likely, recent content of your feed didn’t resonate with me - at the time I last checked.

Why did I unfollow you?

Same as above. Though I’m always open to re-following folks.