As I stare at my blank screen thinking of things to write about for the quasi-mandatory daily blog post, I draw a blank. My mind which usually is in overdrive when thinking of random crap, seems to squirm at the idea of having any meaningful thoughts whatsoever.

Something my mind keeps going back to, is the talk by Sandi Metz mentioning the Null Object design pattern, which stated that null is not nothing, and should be encapsulated accordingly. I wonder if the same applies to our thoughts as well.

What’s the nomenclature for the state when one’s mind is blank, when you are not exactly at peace, but not really thinking of anything. How does one define this null state of the brain. This void, if you will. The agitating nothingness, that drowns in the recursive flood of the unsavoury thought of not having any worthwhile thoughts.

I guess I should stop overthinking it, before I crash with stack overflow.